Survival teaches your little ones independence in the water, and how to save themselves in the event of an emergency.


3 - 18 months

Survival I is all about keeping the baby calm and happy as they explore and gain an understanding of their new environment. The focus of this level is on water exploration, parent-child bonding, and building the foundation for survival swimming.

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1 year & up

Survival II focuses on developing the skills to survive a water emergency long enough for help to arrive. Swimmers will learn how to full-submersion glide, roll onto their backs, and back float while remaining calm.

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2 years & up

Survival III is all about complete independence. The focus of this level is learning the necessary skills to rescue themselves in the event of an emergency. Upon completion of this level, swimmers will be completely independent in the water.

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3 years & up

Foundations I is the first level of our proprietary swim program that builds a strong foundation for swimming, breaking down each of the four competitive swim strokes one-by-one. Level 1 focuses on proper streamline, propulsion, and breathing techniques.

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4 years & up

Foundations II is where everything comes together. In this Level, all 4 strokes will have been introduced, with the focus being on beginner freestyle and backstroke.

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Foundations III

5 years & up

Foundations III is our final level, and is all about stroke development, where we really hone in all 4 strokes. At the completion of Foundations III, swimmers will be comfortable swimming a full length of the pool demonstrating all 4 strokes.

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